Still Life


Jane Kametani Jane Kametani was born in Tokyo, Japan and traveled the United States as a child, settling in Southern California upon her father's retirement from the Air Force. She enrolled in a photography class in high school, where her interest in photography began to bloom and she bought her first camera. With no auto features on this manual camera, she was compelled to learn exposure and shutter speed correlation. This first lesson soon developed into a full understanding of the principles of photography.

She has taken numerous college photography classes at Allan Hancock, weekend workshops at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, and various UCLA Extension courses in Los Angeles.

A 12 year diversion into the field of entertainment during her stay in Los Angeles exposed her to a behind the scenes look at show business and the inner workings of major Hollywood studios. Her love of the visual arts compelled her to seek out employment in the entertainment field. Her determination of this goal made it achievable and brought tremendous rewards and satisfaction.

By 2003, she was back to settle in the flower fields of Lompoc, California. Along this journey, she made the transition from film to digital photography, stepping from the darkrooms into the light of day. Digital photography offered her an experience she could leap into, to re-create fond memories, to stimulate, to expand upon an endless journey into unlimited creativity.

She currently is a member of the Lompoc Valley Art Association (LVAA) and the Lompoc Photographers Guild (LPG). Her photographs are on display at Lompoc's Cypress Gallery. In 2012 and 2015, two major milestones were achieved when several of her floral, landscape and still life images were accepted into the Healing Arts program at Santa Barbara's Cottage Hospital and Goleta Valley Hospital. The artwork was put into place to promote an environment to sooth patients, visitors and staff. Her floral images on the third floor where many scenes of Nature are on display. In 2019, another milestone was achieved when two of her photographs were sold to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital Standford.

She owns her own business, Jane Kametani Photography, which specializes in the sale of photo cards and framed prints.